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Windscreen Repairs VS Replacement

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Windscreen glue being applied to a chip in a windscreen

The good news is that minor windscreen damages are repairable. Yes, even long cracks in the windshield are sometimes repairable. However, if the chip hinders the driver’s line of sight, if there are more cracks or chips on the glass or the damage is at the edge of the glass, it must be replaced rather than repaired. In fact, it is illegal in Australia to drive a car with a damaged windscreen and you will be fined.

The windscreen is the most essential structural part of a vehicle that contributes to the overall strength and safety of the car. This is why it is imperative to repair the cracks before it leads to severe damages.

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If the cracks are minor then i will prefer repair if the cracks are major then i will go for windshield replacement.

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