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Do you need your windscreen replaced or repaired?

When it comes to the law, the specific road rules and regulations vary depending on your country and state. So, according to Western Australian law, is it illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen? The short answer is yes. It, of course, depends on the extent of the damage, but if the crack or chip in your windscreen is affecting the driver’s vision of the road ahead, it is illegal to continue driving with it.

You are breaking the law if you are driving with a windscreen that has the following:

  • A smashed window

  • A crack that is about 75mm long

  • Bullseye crack with a diameter of 16mm

WA law abides by the National Road Transport Commissions’ Roadworthiness Guidelines.

The importance of windscreens

Modern windscreens are designed to not shatter or break apart in an accident, reducing the danger of occupants being cut by glass, and to assist drivers in being safer behind the wheel. The windscreen is there to protect the occupants of a vehicle from things like dirt, insects, flying objects, rain and, you guessed it, wind. Despite being built smart and tough, however, windscreens can still get cracks and chips from various forms of impact, and these can affect their structural integrity.

What to tell a mobile windscreen technician

Your mobile windscreen technician will need to know the following information;

- The year, make and model of your vehicle - Whether your car is equipped with rain sensors, in-built antenna, brake/lane assist or forward-facing cameras. - What and where the damage is - location, type and size of crack or chip

How much will it cost?

Windscreen repairs can start from as little as $75, whilst replacements can start from $260. This depends on the size and type of damage being repaired, or the type of windscreen that’s being replaced.

Can I claim a windscreen repair or replacement on insurance?

The answer to this question all depends on what coverage you have with your specific insurance provider. Always check with your insurance provider before getting your windscreen fixed to avoid disappointment and unexpected costs. We work with all the main insurance companies.

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