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What is the darkest legal tint?

Tinting Laws in Western Australia.

What is VLT?

Window tint protection is measured in Visible Light Transmission (VLT) which is the amount of light that can pass through your window.

Legal tint in WA for all passenger vehicles must have a 35% minimum light transmission for front side windows and 20% VLT on rear and backside windows. This means the darkest legal tint we can offer is 35% VLT.

Only the uppermost part of the windscreen can have a tinted strip on top, equalling to either 10% of the total windscreen area, or a portion of the windshield above the reach of the wipers, whichever is greater.

Other WA tinting laws can include:

  • Reflective or mirror-like tinted film is not permitted above 10% reflectance level.

  • Any defects including bubbling, damage, discolouration or deteriorated film that impacts the driver’s vision is not accepted.

  • Certain vehicles that are exempted can include ambulances, hearses, trailers and caravans, sunroofs and glazing located in the roof of the vehicle, and all glazings of upper deck and double-deck vehicles.

  • Medical exemptions may apply providing documentary evidence has been supplied from a medical specialist.

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