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Causes of Tint Damage

Tinting is not as simple as just putting the film on and taa daa, there are processes, quality and cleaning that can damage the time.

Proper installation is require to get the best and fullest use out of the tint, it can damage your windows or have bubbles which cause issues and let’s be honest just look terrible and not what you want. All of these can cause damage to the glass itself not just the eyes.

Make sure the quality of film AND adhesive is exceptional! What make the tint stick? Adhesive so you wouldn’t use PVA glue to stick it on so why use old adhesive, you want the best for your car and then it’s the best for you.

Would you use harsh chemicals to wash your body with? No I didn’t think so, so chemicals will strip the tint and cause damage to the quality, don’t use anything on your tinting that you wouldn’t use on your skin.

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