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Best Windscreen Cleaning Method

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Windscreen being sprayed with glass cleaner

Exterior windscreen

What you’ll need:

· An alcohol based Glass cleaner (ammonia based glass cleaners can cause discolouration if your windscreen has a tint).

· 2 good quality, clean, lint free, micro fibre cloths/towels.


1. Carefully lift up both windscreen wipers and point them away from the glass.

2. Spray one half of the windscreen with glass cleaner, making sure the entire surface is coated.

3. Take one of your cloths and wipe the windscreen with smooth, straight vertical wipes.

4. Next, wipe the same area of glass with smooth and straight horizontal wipes – this method ensures that no areas on the windscreen, are missed.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other half of your windscreen, using the clean side of the cloth.

6. With the windscreen wipers still pointing outwards, spray the glass cleaner onto the blades. Take the cloth, pinch both sides of the blade and wipe downwards. This technique will help to ensure any dirt and grime that has accumulated in the grooves of the rubber, is captured.

7. Using the second cloth buff the entire windscreen dry using small circular motions (avoid allowing your hands to come in contact with the glass, as this can cause smearing).

Top Tip: Don’t forget to wipe the edges of the windscreen and trim, as any overspray in these areas will show up when dry.

Interior Windscreen

What you’ll need:

· Rubbing Alcohol (this helps to remove grease and contaminants).

· An alcohol based glass cleaner (ammonia based glass cleaners can cause damage to upholstery and leather).

· 3 good quality, clean, lint free, micro fibre cloths/towels.


1. Take one of your cloths and beginning at the bottom where the dash and glass meet, wipe in a circular motion to attack the dirt from every angle.

2. Next, flip the cloth over to a clean side and wipe using up and down motions – try to avoid letting the cloth come in contact with the dash, as this can transfer any grease and contaminants from the dash onto the windscreen.

3. Apply the rubbing alcohol to a fresh cloth and clean in a circular motion – avoid letting the rubbing alcohol drip on the dash as this can cause staining. If this does happen, clean the area immediately using paper towel.

4. Next, take another fresh cloth and spray the glass cleaner directly onto the cloth – if you spray it onto the windscreen you risk overspray on the dash which will cause staining.

Start on one half of the windscreen using the same vertical and horizontal wiping method you used on the exterior. Repeat this process on the other half of the windscreen.

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